The Complete Review of Weber Q2200

weber Q2200. The turtle shaped with aluminum lid and body gives a spectacular look to this grill. Although the grill has turtle shape body, it does not work like a turtle. As we all know, we have an adverse belief about turtle. So, let it be. You are not come to read a turtle’s story. You are come to read a weber Q2200 review. So, let’s get into it.

I am sure before you google about the weber Q2200, you heard about it. And maybe you do not have deep knowledge or experience about this grill. But you know something about it. So I wouldn’t waste your time by giving descriptions regarding the basics of this grill rather explore more in depth. So let’s go to deep in q2200 review

Why Weber Q2200?

If you ask me why weber q2200  I can show you many reasons with answers. So, let me start.

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When someone is going to buy something, the first thing he thinks about that is its prize. Everyone has his individual afford to buy something. I think this grill is very much affordable for everyone who tends to make a grill.

Easy to Move

The big advantage of this grill is that, its size. It is easily portable. If you make a plan to through a party outside of your home, the weber Q2200 makes your plan successful. Though it is small in size, it has all features like some other grills have.

Get Hot

This grill gets hot quickly which will help you to make your meal edible without any delay and will reduce your gas dissipation. The weber Q2200 can also be used instead of a stove for simple cooking like making omelets or something very light. The 280 square inches surface can grill 4-5 big cuts of steaks or 10-12 burgers at the same time.

Extra Accessories of Weber Q2200:

Lid Thermometerweber q2200 lid thermometer

This grill has a lid thermometer by which you can measure the grill. The convenience of being a lid thermometer is that you do not have to open up the lid of this grill. You can check the temperature of the grill by seeing the thermometer. With the help of thermometer, there is no risk to half cooked or overburn any meal.

Dripping Trayweber q2200 dripping catch pan

The dripping catch pan saves dripping of the grilling foods. The dripping contains savory flavor and it can be used like butter on grilled foods.

Cooking Gratesweber q2200 cooking grates

There are two cooking grates in the grill. The benefits of being two cooking grates are, if your meal less in number you can manage with one cooking grates. The other one would be saved from fire and oil.

Electronic Ignitionweber q2200 electronic ignition

You can easily ignite with this. Although every grill has electronic ignition, it’s just an introduction.

Burnerweber q2200 burner

Burner is the most important part of a grill. A worthy burner makes your meal tasty and delicious. There are 2, 3 or even 4 burner grills available in the market. For the small size of weber q2200, it has one burner which is adjacent to this grill.

Side Tablesweber q2200 side tables

There are two plastic side tables on two side of this grill. The benefits of side tables are you can put extra other things on it. And you can move the grill from one place to another with the help of this side tables.

External Things of Weber Q2200

The external things that you wouldn’t get after buying this grill, but these things will give you a big thumb while grilling. For getting the big thumbs you have to count some extra money. So, let’s see which thing I am talking about.

Disposal Propane Cylinder

A disposal propane cylinder constantly lasts for at least 4 to 5 meals. If you think to arrange a party somewhere outside of your place like under the open sky or on a beach, you must include the cylinder as of your party’s requirement list. Otherwise, it is impossible to carry a large whole gas cylinder for the party. It may ruin your way of spending leisure with your friends and family.

Portable Cart

The weber q 2200 is a portable cart that makes a grill movable. When you want to move your grill to some other place, it would be helpful. Otherwise, you have to carry the grill with your hands. And a heavy grill is really difficult to carry with hands.

Why Not Weber Q2200?

All of the above I have talked about why you should choose this grill when you make a decision for buying a grill. There are some limitations on all other grills. The weber q2200 is not different than that. Now, I will share some limitations of the grill that helps you to make an exact decision while buying any grill. Let’s make it clear.


When you think about buying this grill, the size would come to take into consideration at the very first glance. Somehow it can manage four to five people at a time, but when it’s about seven to eight or even more then you have to skip this grill. But for four to five people I would recommend you weber q2200.

External Things

When you would buy something by spending money and you are forced to spend more, it’s quite embarrassing for any buyer. Because of buying only the external things, someone doesn’t go forward to buy this grill.

Plastic Side Tables

Because of this side tables made of plastic can get burned out easily if the user is slightly unconscious. There are steel side tables in market. But again, you have to pay for it.

Honestly, when I seat to write down the Weber Q2200 review and come to the limitation of Weber Q2200, I did not find a potential limitation to write.


If you want to purchase by making a comparison between advantage and disadvantage of a grill than the Weber q2200 would be the best choice. So by giving respect to your choice, I am leaving for today. For more information about some other grills click here to check. If you find something interesting to read Weber Q2200 review, don’t hesitate to click on that article. I hope you would share this article with your friends or relative who are interested to buy grill but confused as well. And write your comments below to give us feedback for further improvement.