Grilling is a method of cooking food with radiant, direct dry heat. Chicken, beef, and vegetables can be grilled very quickly, which is why it is a popular past time among people on a holiday or vacation. One of the reasons for being popular is that grilling is a quick way to cook and it happens because of the thermal radiation in grilling. Now to know how to use a grill, first, we need this clarification that grilling is generally done by heating from below and heating from above is termed as ‘broiling’.

Different ways to grill:

In general, there are three ways of grilling: 1) Gas Grilling 2) Wood Grilling and 3) Charcoal Grilling.

1. Gas Grilling: gas grill

Grilling with a gas grill is very convenient. Although it cannot produce the magnitude of heat that a charcoal grill can. It is done through bottle filled propane gas in general. Many people use this sort of stuff in their balconies or patios, but they are actually hard to move. People usually keep an extra cylinder of gas for doing the gas grilling.

2. Wood Grilling:wood grill

This method is a little bit hard and expensive too. You will need a fire pit and an outside spot to host it. But the taste of food grilled is pure “outdoory”. There are some things that should be kept in mind for wood grilling:

  • Always use dried hardwoods like oak, ash, beech, maple etc. Softwoods generally produce smoke that ruins the flavor of the food.
  • Lighting wood like done in a campfire is also an ideal way to do the same for grilling using wood. Furthermore, we can always ignite the fire in wood using a chimney as done in case of charcoal.
  • Woods should be kept lighting for about 45 minutes and when it has turned into an ember, it should be transferred to a relatively larger pile of wood to produce a fire. But here is a misconception that we need a “fire” to cook in wood grilling. But in reality, we just need the head to cook our food.
  • Since wood burns faster than charcoals, new embers should be introduced into the piles in every 20-30 minutes.
  • Wood grilling needs open space and creates an open fire which is not legal in many places. So before starting a wood grilling check with the authorities at first

3. Charcoal Grilling:charcoal grill

Charcoal grilling is the traditional way of grilling food. It produces more heat than the gas grill and thus its foods are more quickly prepared. There are a variety of types of charcoals to do the job. To learn how to use grill it is essential to learn about the types and sizes of charcoals, learn how to heat a charcoal grill and how to store the other charcoals.

After reading all three ways of grilling, you can grill anything you want. Let you know the details of charcoal grilling.

Types of charcoal (Lump of Briquettes):

Lump charcoals burn hotter than briquettes but need an extra managing to make the heat consistent. Whereas Briquettes charcoal is not as hot as a lump, but they are more consistent in their heat producing. The briquettes have additives and chemicals mixed with them and because of which lighting them up is easier. It can be done only by using a match. But lighting lumps is not as easy as briquettes.

Method of lighting charcoal:

1.Using a chimney starter:

Firstly, Take appropriate amount of coals and place on the bottom grate of the grill. A standard chimney holds up to 100 briquettes.
Secondly, add a few sheets of paper at the bottom of the starter. Then light the newspaper in several spots. The edges of the flame will ignite the briquette charcoal.
Thirdly, after 8-10 minutes we will see that smokes are rising. Then we pour the hot charcoals in a pile and within a while, the whole batch should become hot thus starting the charcoal grilling.

2.Using a lighter fluid:

Firstly, pile the charcoals in the bottom grate of the griller.

Secondly, use the coals when they are covered with gray ash.

Thirdly, spread lighter fuel on the coals and light immediately.

Cleaning, Oiling and Maintaining the Grill:

One might face difficulty maintaining and cleaning a grill. In reality its one of the easiest jobs. You let the fire do most of your work. Before starting a grilling session, you heat up the grill for 10 minutes. The residue food of the previous day would burn up itself. If not, you can use a spoon or a side of tongs to clear up the residue. To clean up more, you can dip a napkin in neutral oil and wipe the grates and surrounding areas after picking up the residues with spoons/tongs. Clean the tongs and spoons with the napkin too.

After finishing the grilling let the equipment cool for some time, then go over the grates with a grill brush and close the grill before storing to keep it safe from rain.

Grill Temperature Monitoring:

Checking the food is really a tempting thing to do; we all understand. But we should understand the perfect way to use them that is when to keep the lid open, when closed, how often we should check etc.
If the food is 3/4 inch or thinner, keep the lid off. If it is a thick item like pork chops or steaks or chicken breast then grill closing the lid. Grilling while closing the lid gets an advantage of convection heat.

How to Set the Vents:

As we were saying about closing or opening the lid, this should be done depending on the type of food grilling. Most of the charcoal grills have air vents on the top and bottom. When the lid is opened, hot air from inside the vent escapes through the top vent and cold oxygenated air comes through the bottom vent. This oxygenated air keeps the fire burning and keeps it hot. So, it is good to open the lid from time to time while grilling with the lid closed in cases like grilling thicker items; it’s better to cook while keeping the lid open.


Grilling is a very common and cheerful practice for us. And since it is done quite frequently. We hope this article is able to help you to know how to use a grill.