Grilling is always out of the ordinary thing. Whenever I hear the word grill. I get a pretty smell from this word. I think a grill has become part of a party like dancing, chatting, and songs. A good grill can make a party more enjoyable, on the other hand a poor grill can ruin your party. So when you think about a grill in your party, you should know something about the grill. If the grills come, I will have to talk about charcoal grill first. In this article, I will show you how to use a charcoal grill.

As we all know, basically there are three types of grill in the grill’s portion. Gas grill, Charcoal grill and Wood grill. At present, the gas grill is the most favorite grill in the grill market. But charcoal grill has its own demand. Considering the test between gas grill’s and charcoal grill’s food. Charcoal grill would be the best. It is true that gas grill makes easy the grilling. But it’s taken away the test of meats.

Safety first:

Grill always brings appetite in our mind. Regarding appetite, make sure you are in the safe zone with grill. Remember, always try to locate your grill outside of your house. Stay away your children and pet from the grill. And always try to use only charcoal starter fluid. Never use a gas-line or kerosene for igniting a charcoal grill.

Charcoal grill vs gas grill:

When you compare a charcoal grill with a gas grill, the gas grill always stays in front of the charcoal grill. But charcoal grill is also the best choice of some people who are judging a grill with it’s grilling meat. Here I try to include some advantage of both grills.

Gas grill:

  • Easy to ignite.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Included with some extra accessories.

Charcoal grill:

charcoal grill

  • Cheaper than gas grill
  • Get hotter than gas grills.
  • Makes meat delicious.

How to prepare a charcoal grill:

Following some steps you can easily prepare a charcoal grill. When you are going to cook something on the grill, you need to prepare the grill for making your cook easy. Here are some steps that you can take before you going to cook.

Store coals on the grill:

Charcoal Grill

Before storing coals in a chimney, check it is dry. Do not store coals in a wet chimney. Otherwise, coals will soak up the water. And they will also get wet. Wet coals are not ignited early but produce huge smoke. So coals should be dry.

Lightening the coals:

Before you are lighting the charcoal, clean the chimney. And store the coals how many as you think. There are three ways to lighten coals in the chimney. So, let’s see.


Light the coals with newspaper

Put some pieces of newspaper under the chimney. Check newspapers are enough for lighting up the coals. Otherwise, newspaper will extinguish before igniting the coals. Then light the newspapers. It will take 8 to 10 minutes to transfer fire to the coals.

A match:

Put the coals in the charcoal grate like a pyramid shape. Pour enough charcoal starter fluid on the coals and light the charcoal with a match.

Electric starter:

Light the coals with electric lighter

Put electric starter inside the gathered of coals for a while. When you see the coals are lightened up, get the electric starter out. Before applying every step of the lightening charcoal grill, make sure safety first. Otherwise, it goes wrong.

How to grill in the charcoal grill:

Preparing the grill, storage of coals and lightening that coals are everything intent to grill. If you grilling chicken check this link. How to grill chicken. Before you go for grilling, the first thing you have to do that clean the charcoal grates. And rub some oil on the grate with a brush. Then cover your hands by the hand gloves. There is a little chance to burn your hand in the fire while grilling without hand gloves. After that, you can grill anything you want.

How to control the temperature on the charcoal grill:

Controlling the temperature of a charcoal grill is the most challenging task than others. Most of the people do not like the charcoal grill because they can’t control the temperature of this grill. If you are unable to control the temperature of a charcoal grill or unconscious about temperature, your meat could be overcooked or undercooked. So based on everything here I come to show you some basic way to control the temperature of the charcoal grill.

There are two vents place on a charcoal grill. The top vent and the bottom vent. The bottom vents are increasing air in the grill to make the hot charcoals. Through the top vents, smoke goes away from the grill. So if you want to make high hot the grill, open the bottom vents and close the top vents. Or if you want to keep medium hot the grill, then open the half of the bottom and top vents.

How to shut down the charcoal grill:

Naturally, the coals stay hot after finishing your grilling. It is not the gas that everything done after firing out. There are more left. You can shut a grill following three steps.

Natural way:

When you have done, turn off the bottom vents it prevents the entering of wind. And open the lid of the grill for going away the fume. It takes 1 or 2 hours to mitigate. There is no specific time to mitigate the coals. It depends on how many coals you have burnt for grilling.

Water spray:

You can spray water to mitigate the coals. But I do not recommend you to do that. It is true that spraying water makes your coals mitigate rapidly. And also saves your time. But it makes your coals wet. When you would go to grill with these same coals, you have to dry them in the sun. And you have to compensate the time that you saved before.


You can also use a bunch of sand to mitigate the coals. I think this way is the best way to mitigate coals. After grilling, pour some sand on the burnt coals and they will get cold early.

So, when you feel the entire coals get cold, out the coals from the grill. Then store the coals for using next time. And throw out the unnecessary coals. Then cover up the grill.


I can believe that you may have known a little about how to use a charcoal grill. That was my endeavor. That’s what I wanted. So, if you think this article is useful for those who do not know how to use a charcoal grill. It’s my pleasure if you recommend this article to them. Thank you.