Did you experience any problem while lighting a grill or are planning to face it?

When I first tried to grill a chicken on my newly purchased grill, I was thinking how can I light the grill? Then I read the guideline paper of the grill and lighted up.

Lighting a grill is not so difficult task. But if you don’t know how it might be worse.

Sometimes people cannot understand the guideline paper properly. So, I thought I can give a clear guide how to light a portable propane grill.

Let’s get started.

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How to Light a Portable Propane Grill

There are many types of grill around you like wood fire grill, charcoal grill, electric grill, and gas grill. But every grill has its own lighting rules.

So, today I will discuss some of the grills which are hard to light up. Not exactly so hard but something need to know about lighting.

How to Light a Charcoal Grill

Lighting a charcoal grill is the most difficult among others. Before you light a charcoal grill make sure you are in a safe zone. Try to use gloves on your hands. You can light a charcoal grill in different ways. Let’s see them.

1. Chimney and Newspaper Method

First, fill the chimney with a fair amount of charcoals. Take two or three pieces of newspaper and put them bottom of the chimney. Then light these newspapers with a match or lighter. After 10 minutes you would see them gray. Then you can pour them into the grate.

2. Lighter Fluid Method

At first, make a pyramid shade with coals in the grate. Then pour some fluid on the coals. And let the coals soak fluid for 30 seconds. Then light the coals with a match.

3. Electric Ignition Method

With the electric igniter, you don’t need to use a newspaper or lighter fluid. Simply gather the coals in the grate and hold the electric igniter below the coals until the coals fired up.

How to Light Gas Grill:

Lighting a gas grill is so easy task. Make sure there is available gas in your cylinder. Then open the lid of the grill and check the burners are clean or not. Turn on the knob to high. Hold a light or igniter over the burner. After that, you will see the gas grill lighted up.

How to Light a Wood Fire Grill:

At first, take a fair amount of wood. Make sure these woods are dry. If you take wet woods the food you cook would smoky. After taking dry woods put them in the grill’s grate. Then take a small piece of wood and pour some kerosene onto it. Let the small piece of wood soak the kerosene. Then put it on the stored wood in the grate. With a match or lighter light the small wood. The small wood transfer gradually fires to other woods.

Final Verdict:

Lighting a portable propane grill is not rocket science. Anybody can light up a grill. but sometimes people make mistakes because of carelessness. As a result, it brings an ugly danger. I hope you get a clear idea of how to light a portable propane grill. That’s all for today, till then be safe, enjoy grilling and take care of yourself.