Beginners Guide to Grilling!

In a warm sunny day, nothing is more cheerful than having an outdoor gathering with friends & family over some freshly grilled foods. Well, grilling food is actually a form of cooking where the food is cooked with the presence of direct flame. For this purpose, I am going to teach you some basic tips to know how to grill.

Food brings happiness. And good food can warm even a mild heart as well as filling an empty stomach.  But even the easiest grilling needs some techniques to win the heart of the person who is going to eat it. And if you are new at grilling there is a chance of ruining the meal if you don’t know about grilling beforehand. Don’t worry; I hope this article will help you to know about how to grill professionally and put a great impression in front of others.


To grill first, you will need a device for grilling. It can be an electrical device or a gas flame. You can grill on some fiery charcoal or with an open wood fire. Most of the people like to use the gas grill. You can use anything whatever you afford. We try to keep all the methods of how to grill on any types of the grill.

Which foods are perfect for grilling?

Well, those foods which are best like Kebabs, steaks, meats, cutlets, sausages, fishes and some seafood are ideals for grilling. Some people like vegetables to grill with them to bring a variation in taste. You can check the best guide to grill chicken.

If the meat is a big chunk of rib or shoulder, which is a bit tougher than other meats, then it needs to be barbecued. Though barbecuing and grilling seem nearly the same, from the professional corner, these two are different things.

Preparation of How to Grill:

The thing is you can’t put your food directly onto flame without using spices. It will feel less tasty and rough. You have to marinate the food with a special mixture of spices for a couple of hours to overnight. And you can also add barbecue sauce. If your meat is not well soaked in a marinade it will feel like a rough and tough solid piece with no intense taste. On the contrary,  marinating the food perfectly will turn out as a juicy and tender piece of heaven.

Managing The Heat:

Temperature is a variant for different types of foods. It is easy to control the heat if you are using a gas flame. But when you are using a charcoal grill or open wood fire, you need to be careful about the temperature. Removing some charcoal or wood can result in reduced heat, but it will take some time to reduce the heat.

You can measure the heat by placing your hand over the fire and the longer you can keep your hand there less the temperature is. In open air, oxygen can increase the charcoal burning rate, resulting in increased heat.

For soft foods like fishes, chicken, seafood or veggies you need grille them at a low temperature. Grilling them at a high temperature, they will burn so rapidly that you will not get a chance to reduce the heat.

Sausages, cutlets, kebabs would better grill on a medium to high heat. If you want to grill all of the foods with high heat you need to keep your eyes open to save your food from burning.

If your steak is a big piece of meat, then you have to grill it on low heat for a while, so the meaty part remains tender.

While grilling keeps your food flipping up again and again so that each side of the food grills evenly. It will also help your food not to be burned on one side.

When to Stop Grilling More:

You could realize when your food is well-cooked by the aroma, color, and texture of the food. It may also depend on one’s taste too. For example- one may like normal grilling food where others may want it a bit crispier. All the foods, especially meat better to be cooked properly because if the meat is undercooked, it may harm your health.

You can taste the food by taking a little bite to know it is cooked or not. But when you become an expert, you may not even need to taste it. Rather, you will know by seeing it.

Some Useful Tips:

  • Observe the food carefully while grilling. Otherwise, one side of your food can get burned while the other part may still remain raw.
  • Keep your grilling equipment clean and hygienic.
  • Charcoal takes time to rise to a certain temperature.
  • Keep everything that you may need while grilling near in range, so you don’t have to go far keeping your food to burn on the grill.
  • In the windy weather, you may have a hard time keeping the fire in your control. Take some extra care at those moments.
  • While grilling, you can add some grinded spices to your food. Those burnt spices will add some extra flavor.
  • Keep yourself safe while working with fire.
  • Reading or watching some cookery show before grilling may actually help you
  • Don’t wear clothes made of polyester while grilling. It may catch fire easily.
  • Don’t use sugar while grilling. It will caramelize fast and burn the food rapidly
  • Use oil with food when necessary.
  • Don’t put water on the flame.

Watch the Video to Know How to Grill:


Reading the article that doesn’t you got all the answers on how to grill. Nothing happens perfectly on the first try. And no matter how much I write in this article you will not go feel the intensity if you don’t do it in real life. You will be able to relate the words once you try to grill yourself. I will suggest you not to go for grilling alone. Rather, you can take help from someone who has already some experience.

Grilling brings the vibe of enjoyment. Even the aroma of grilling makes one eager for the meal. Hope now you know how to grill and you will be able to enjoy good food with your friends and family.