Note: Follow the tips below, you will have your best delicious food in life.

Whereas you are searching for grilling food, I can say that you have a decent taste in your daily activities. Because grilling always takes place in the list of favorite activities of an elegant guy.

Grilling is not so difficult even not that much easy as people think. But you can’t deny that grilling needs to study before starting.

Today I will walk you through the study of how you can grill on a Traeger in a row.

Let’s dive into this…

How to Grill on Trager

When the question about grilling on Traeger, there are two new questions that come out. The questions are “how to start Traeger grill” or “ how to grill something on Traeger”

If you expect the answer of “how to start Trager grill” through the question “how to grill on Traeger”, Then here you can check.

  • When you are ready to start, plug the grill’s wire into an electric outlet
  • Fill the hopper with a pellet
  • Set the knob to the option Smoke
  • Switch the power button on
  • Wait for 10 minutes to create smoke
  • And put the food you want to grill on
  • Set the temperature according to your food needs

If you came hoping that you need two answers to the question “how to grill on Traeger” then I have the second answer also. Check below…

What grills suit on Traeger

As we all know, there is a difference between grilling and cooking. And I don’t think I have to explain to you the difference, lol! But some of the cooking foods can be grilled.

I don’t want to waste your time (hahaha! already wasting) to show the list of grilling foods. You might be informed about the market where several sorts of grills are available.

But you know, different grills bring different tastes in foods. For intense! If you grill a steak on a charcoal grill, the taste you will get you won’t get it from an electric grill and you will get a totally different taste from other grills. This is how they work.

So I have decided that I will pick 5 grilling foods and show you how to grill them on Traeger.

Note: I can assure you that the foods I going to show you those will be the best grilling food you have ever had.

How to Grill Steak on Traeger

how to grill steak on traeger

Steak is the easiest and desirable food for grilling. When someone starts thinking about grilling, the first food he would think about steak.

Let’s see the process…

  • I am assuming that you got a fresh and well-marbled steak.
  • You got all the ingredients like oil, seasoning around your hand.
  • Take the steak on a plate and pour the seasoning on it then rub with your palm on the steak.
  • Then start the Trager and set the temperature to 4500F for 5-10 minutes until it gets smoked with the lid closed. After that take your seasoned steak and put it in the Traeger to 4500F temperature and close the lid.
  • Wait for 10 minutes and flip the steak to another side then close the lid again and wait. After 10 minutes put the steak back and you will see the marked, seared, and juicy steak on your plate.

How to Grill Ribs on Traeger

How to grill ribs on traeger

Grilling ribs are long term process. You have to wait all day long for the result. I mean you have to spend a day grilling ribs. But at the end of the day, you will have the best experience in your grilling life.

Let’s get into the process…

  • Take a rib and trim the extra fat from it
  • Bring the all ingredients nearby like oil, vinegar, paprika, seasoning, sauce (your favorite one)
  • Season the rib with the ingredients you have.
  • Start the Traeger for 15 munites to create smoke and set the temperature to 1500F
  • Then put the rib facing down the bone side in the Traeger and increase the temperature to 2500F with the lid closed
  • Wait for 3 hours
  • After 3 hours take the rib back and pour your favorite sauces on the rib, then wrap it with a foil paper to prevent the leak out of the juice.
  • Put it in again for 2 hours with the lid closed.
  • After 2 hours take back and unwrap the foil paper and pour more sauce on the rib to create a glace and grill it for 15 minutes.
  • And enjoy.

How to Grill Chicken on Traeger

How to grill fish on Traeger

You can grill a chicken in a couple of ways. The first one is with low heat and the second one is high heat. Today I will show share with you a new way of grilling chicken is with low to high heat.

Let’s do it…

  • Take a whole chicken around 3 to 3.5 pounds.
  • Ingredients like oil, salt, pepper, and rosemary.
  • Pour the oil on whole chicken and season with ingredients.
  • Preheat the Traeger to 1500F for 15 minutes and let it create smoke.
  • After the Traeger getting smoked put the chicken in.
  • Increase the temperature to 2000F for 30 minutes. It will get a smokey flover.
  • After 30 minutes of grilling increase the temperature to 4500F for 15 minutes. It will bring the crispy on the skin.
  • After 15 minutes bring the chicken back and enjoy it.

How to grill fish on Traeger

How to grill fish on Traeger

Grilling fish is the easiest way of grilling activities. It also takes very few times to be cooked. I will show you how easily you can grill a fish on Traeger.

Let’s go…

  • Take a fresh fish or a slide of fish and remove the pin bones.
  • Take a decent amount of salt, brown sugar, brown-black pepper (according to the fish size), then mix them up.
  • Pour some oil on the fish and rub the mixed ingredients.
  • Start the Traeger with the temperature to 1500F to get smoked.
  • Then put the fish in the Traeger and close the lid for 15 minutes more.
  • After the 15 munites of grilling flip the fish and close the lid for 5 munites, then take the fish out and enjoy.

Final Verdict

As I said before grilling is not so easy if you are giving your first effort into it. You have to make it easy by practicing. Hope you enjoyed the article. Thanks for your time.