How to grill hot dogs? I think this is funny. An inexperienced boy can grill a hot dog. But when I see in Google there are thousands of people want to know how to grill hot dogs. So I think I need to share my experience of grilling hot dogs.

The hot dogs become the most consuming food in America during the summer. People love to have it and grill it. Every street in New York is riddled by row of the hot dog’s shops. And not a single shop is empty, everyone is busy on selling. People also stand and enjoy eating hot dogs. But I always refer to grill at home. Because there is always a possibility of health risk in street foods. Now I am going to share with you how to grill hot dog at home.

Ready your grill:

When you are going to grill a hot dog, the first job you have to do to prepare your grill. If you do not know how to use a grill check this link. Now I am giving you a quick review on preparing a grill. If you using a charcoal grill then check this link to know using a charcoal grill. whichever you use the first thing you have to do is cleaning the cooking grates and brush the grates with some oil. Check the entire grill perfectly for ready to heat. Then light the grill.

How to choose hot dogs:

If you are a health conscious and in a diet. You should aware of picking a hot dog in your bag. There are so many hot dogs with so many characteristics. So when you go for choosing a hot dog you must check how much calories does a hot dog contains. And do not go up of 150 calories, 3 grams fat and 370 mg sodium.

Cut the hot dog:hot dog cuts

There are many ways to cut a hot dog. But the spiral cut is the most decent one. Some peoples do not cut the hot dog, they just take the hot dog put on the grill and roll around until getting marked. But some other peoples are passionate. They enjoy their cooking and want everything to be flawless. Because the spiral cut makes a hot dog crispy and spices fit into it.

How to steam hot dog:

Most of the hot dogs sold in the grocery are already fully cooked. That’s why some peoples do not want to steam them. But steaming a hot dog is necessary for keeping safe from bacteria. When the grocery stoke the hot dog there is little possibility to get infected by bacteria.

You can steam a hot dog in many ways. You can grill them, fry them and boil them. Here I write some ways to steam below.

Grill them:grilling hot dogs

When you have done the cutting, put them in the grill with 150o – 160o temperature. Then roll around to sear. After getting marked on the veil of the hot dog, put them off.

Fry them:fried hot dogs

Take the cut hot dog into the pan and put the pan on the stove. Then stirring the hot dogs with tongs until getting browned.

Boil them:

You can boil the hot dogs in water for five minutes. Or you can boil them in melted butter. Butter boiling adds extra flavor in the hot dogs.

How to choose bun for hot dogs:hot dog buns

Bun is an integral part of a hot dog. A bun gives the hot dog completeness and increases the gusto. If you get confused to choose a bun, I would recommend the homemade bun will be best for you. It is easy to find the buns around you. But hard to good one. The advantage of a homemade bun is, you can give any size and any pattern whatever you like. And you can eat fresh bun every day. On the other hand, there is a possibility of getting a fade bun in the grocery. And manufacturers may use chemical in the bun. Of course, there are also chemical-free and healthy buns around your grocery. But you have to conscious while purchasing the buns. Keep in mind, before putting a hot dog into the bun, bake them in a grill or an oven.

 Topping hot dogs:

To make your hot dog yummy and delicious, you must add some spices on the hot dog. Some peoples just put the hot dogs into the bun and eat them. I think they miss the original test of hot dog. It seems incomplete.

Yellow mustard, onions, ketchup, and chili souses are popular topping recipe for the hot dogs, including garlic butter. So take a bun, brush with garlic butter and bake for 4 minutes. After baking the bun put a hot dog into it. Add some mustard, souses, and spices on the top of the hot dog.


In America, approximately 7 billion hot dogs are eaten in the summer. I think you also included in the list of hot dogs consumer. Grilling hot dogs are not so fancy. So, grill more hot dogs at your home. And make your summer exciting. If you learn something interesting in this article do not forget to share with your friends and family.