How to grill chicken: Your guide to a sumptuous delicacy

Whether you’re organizing an official event or just hosting a barbecue party with family and friends, there’s no doubt that serving a good grilled chicken meal will only add to the mood of the party. However, serving burnt, inedible food will make your guests walk away from your party and you definitely don’t want that buzz around you. And on that note, we’ve designed the perfect online reading for you on how to grill chicken. We guarantee that once you read this article, you’ll surely become a maestro in preparing grilled chicken that is so juicy, tender and wholesome that it will leave your guests yearning for more.


1. Should I grill the chicken with the bone or should I go boneless?

ANS: It totally depends on your preference. But grilling the chicken with bone makes it more flavorful as the bone diffuses its inner juice into the meat when the heat starts to get in. But, everyone loves a nice, tender grilled Chicken breast too. However, if you ask us, we’d recommend you to go with the bones.

2. Should I leave the skin on or should I separate it?

ANS: The answer to this question again depends on your preference. Some people like to eat the skin. And grilling with the skin making it crispy also brings out more flavor. However, if you’re someone who’s hosting an audience that doesn’t like the skin, then just leave it.


How to Grill chicken:


  • A whole cut up chicken on the bone or boneless chicken breasts 4 pieces. (Around 1 or 1 and a half lbs)
  • ½ cup of olive oil.
  • ¼ cup of lemon juice.
  • 1 tsp. Dried thyme leaves.
  • ¼ tsp. Garlic powder.
  • ¼ tsp. Salt.
  • ¼ tsp. Coarsely grounded black pepper.
  • 2 tbsp. Oil with a high smoking point. For example, vegetable oil, grape seed oil.
  • Mustard oil or Mustard paste for a smoky flavor.

Equipment needed:

  • A barbecue grill. (You can also make your own makeshift grill stove)Barbecue grill
  • Charcoal to grill. (If gas is not available)charcoal
  • A small brush to apply oil while grilling (only applicable if you want a tender grill. Don’t use it if you want the skin to be crispy).Oil brush


Steps: (For grilling with bone and skin)

 * Cut up a whole chicken with the bone and the skin and leave it to come to room temperature. Follow this step if you want the bone and skin too while grilling.

* Set up your grill now. Keep the coals on one half and the other half will remain empty. This is for utilizing the direct and indirect heat mechanism.

* Use paper towels to dry the chicken up. Use salt and pepper to season the chicken and then put the chicken on the low heat section of the grill. Make sure that the dark meat section is closer to the flame or the heat and the white meat away.

* Cover the grill like an oven so that the chicken roasts slowly. After about 15-20 minutes open the cover, turn the pieces over and over again to cook for 15-20 minutes. The skin will be very crisp when you’re done.

* Use a meat thermometer to determine the temperature of the chicken as it is cooking. Insert lengthwise and avoid the bone for proper reading. Remember, the breast cooks the quickest.

* When the chicken’s done, place them over the direct heat to ensure that it’s thoroughly cooked and also so that the skin is nice and crispy.

* Your chicken’s now done. Baste the chicken with sauce during the grilling if preferred or serve sauce while serving the chicken.


Steps: (For boneless breasts)

* Cut each breast into two halves and put them separately in Ziploc bags. This is because when you found the chicken to make it level the juice doesn’t fly all around your kitchen.

* Cooking chicken breasts on grills is particularly tough because of its uneven structure. And that’s why we need to beat them to even consistency. Now that you have the chicken in the Ziploc use a meat tenderizer (use a rolling pin otherwise) to beat it to even consistency. This step is a very important one when you learn how to grill chicken.

* Now take the portions out, put them in a bowl and pour all the spices and herbs mentioned in the recipe together in this. Mix well and put it in a refrigerator for an hour max to marinate. Remember, marinating for too long makes the chicken rubbery and dry.

* Oil your grill grates using tongs and paper towels. Preheat the grill at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for direct cooking. Remember to use vegetable oil or grapeseed oil that is with a high smoking point.

* Once the grill is done, put the marinated chicken on the grill in a single layer flatly. Make sure that you shook off the excess marinate before putting them on. After cooking each side for about 4 minutes, cut into a piece and check if you can see the pink texture throughout the meat and there’s no white shade and fits the description, then voila! You have the perfect grill chicken. Also, check the temperature of the meat to understand if it’s done. It’ll read 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

* Take the chicken out of the grill and serve them on a clean serving plate. Before biting into the first nibble, make sure the chicken has rested for 5 minutes, so that the juices don’t rush out instantly.

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So, this was today’s guide on how to grill chicken. We hope you liked this thorough guide and will definitely try out this recipe and the steps at home. And don’t forget to send us a taste when you’re done. (!) Until then, stay safe take care and don’t stop grilling that chicken!!!