I think steak is the yummiest and worthiest one list of grilling foods. You know, when I first grilled a steak with my curiosity that was not so lame. And the interesting thing is after having my first steak, I invited my friends and through a party grilling steaks. And honestly, they applauded me. I still remember that day. Now you are thinking, how did I grill my first steak and where did I learn about it. Google has a great contribution behind it. I think only Google can not help you to become a master of grilling steak. You need some of your credentials that you can earn by doing more. So now I am going to share my entire journey of grilling steak with you. Then you will get the answer to the question that how to grill steak.

Selecting Steaks:

Selecting a steak is the most consequential task of grilling a steak. I guess most of the cooking guide, recommended that ribeye is the best selection for steak. There are more steaks like Strip Steaks, Porterhouse, and T-Bone Steaks may you heard about. And these are also in the list of favorites for steak. But ribeye’s tenderness and marbling with little fat give the steaks genuine flavor.

Just keep your eyes and ears open while buying the ribeye. Because there is a possibility of being betrayed by a shopkeeper. He would give you another cut of meat that he provides. You should better go to the butcher’s shop. And tell him to give ribeye. He would give you the best one.

How to Prepare Steak for Grilling:

When you have selected your steak, your job of grilling steak has been halfway. Please do not rush to grill after purchasing the steak. Rather keep it in the refrigerator for two or three days. It makes your steak bacteria free. Then take it out and let the steak rest for 30 minutes at room temperature. Trim the extra fat from the steak.

How to Season a Steak:

A perfect seasoning makes your steak ideal savory. There are several ways to season a steak. Some people only take sea salt and oil. And others add some spice with them for the spicy flavor. But I came here to tell you my recipe, so I will do my way.


There are two options to oiling. One is done with butter and another with oil. If you want to oil by butter, you have to boil the butter for melting. If oil, nothing has to do. So, oiling the steak brush the oil/melted butter on the steak. Or you can sip the steak in a bowl with some oil/melted butter.


Sprinkle enough amount of salt on the steak.


The spices make a steak fancy, like chili powder, paprika, cumin, and garlic powder. Mix all together in a small bowl. Then fling them on the steak.

Preparing the Grill:

When you come to grill a steak you must need to know how to use a grill. I guess you know, otherwise, click this link how to use a grill. Then make the grill high heat with 500o and brush with some vegetable oil on the cooking grate. Or you can follow these steps below

Time to Grill:

When you see the grill is hot enough, then put the steak on the grill. And close the lid. Wait for 5 minutes to sear. If you have a thermometer then it is better to use this. After 5 minutes, turn the steak and wait for 4 minutes. I think after doing the all stuffs it is been suitable for having. But let the steak rest for 5 minutes for being cold after getting out from the grill.


Considering with the taste and quality steak is the best among all of grilling foods. So, I think reading my experience of grilling steak would help you to introduce with a new grilling journey or yours. Till then stay healthy and happy. Thank you.