Niceties of Coleman Roadtrip Grill

Coleman road trip grill! I am writing a Coleman RoadTrip Grill Review. But what should I call it, grill or briefcase? I am thinking about that moment when you would go far for a trip hanging the grill on your hand, and your sideman who didn’t see the grill before, he would say “nice briefcase”. And I request you to don’t break your sideman’s guess saying that, this is grill not briefcase. Give him thank for his compliment about the briefcase (grill).

Good looking is not the only reason for Coleman roadtrip grill to buy. But also there are lots of versatility in this grill, that would be astonished you. So let’s begin.

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With 285 inches surface cooking areas are large enough for 10 or 12 burgers and 4 steaks. 41 pounds weight makes this grill little heavy. But 24 inches wide and 12 inches height also give the grill beautiful looks. Coleman roadtripp grill is a perfect choice for a small family of 4 or 5 peoples. But this grill is a little bit heavy from other portable grills. So you should be a little conscious or a muscle man.

Best features

Every grill has its default features. So as Coleman roadtrip grill. But some other features of this grill that you should know about. So let’s get into it.


The stainless steel lid gives the grill a decent look. There is a lid lock in the grill. Although there is an often possible to be stolen your grilling foods. But if you lock the lid while grilling, the meal got grilled rapidly and testy. Through the smoking hollow all the unnecessary smoke can flow up. Which is eliminates the smoky smell of the grilled food.

Portable cart:

Basically, most of the portable grill has a portable cart option. Considering their small size there is a cart option for moving from one place to another. The beautiful thing about Coleman roadtrip grill is, the portable cart is attached with this grill. The portable cart does not belong to some other grills. For that, this cart is purchased separately. And another beautiful thing of this cart that, it can be used as a stand. And you can cook in the folded position or stand upright position. The cart is a huge boon of this grill.

Two grilling grates:

The two aluminum cooking grates make the cooking art soft of this grill. Being aluminum body of these grates, the fire and the oil can’t attack them. These grates are different from each other, one is griddle and another is normal grilling grate. By the griddle, you can cook some liquid things like eggs and different types of vegetables. And you can purchase a whole grilling grate for the cooking surface that covers the full cooking area or round stove grate where you can cook anything with pot and pans.

Removable grease tray:

Having a removable grease try there is no chance to fall down the dripping of grilling meal. And you can save the fallen dripping for using as butter on the grilled food. You can boil some water by this removable grease tray. It is also easy to clean.

Two burners:

In the two burners of the grill, each is independent. Every burner has its own controller key. The advantages of two burners are if you have little food to grill what you can cook by the one burner, this food can be grilled by one. And you don’t need to light another burner. It saves gas. You can also cook two different meals by these burners in a different heat. And there is a matchless lighter to light in the middle of the two burner keys.

Propane gas cylinder:

There is an option to attach a propane gas cylinder in this grill. I think every portable grill should have this option. Maybe has. Everyone purchase a portable grill with thinking of rolling around the grill wherever he wants. So, if there is no option for propane cylinder it makes no sense. A large gas cylinder is impossible to transports along with a portable grill.

Side tables:

The advantage of side tables, I said in Weber Q2200 review. The difference between Coleman roadtrip’s and Weber Q2200’s side tables are, you can’t move the Coleman roadtrip holding these tables, for its heavy its weight. But Weber Q2200 can. The rest of these are the same.


So, that’s all for today, I think reading this article you got your answer. If you get something beneficial by reading the Coleman roadtrip grill review what helped you to make a decision about this grill, then don’t delay to share this article with your friends who are getting confused to go the grill market. And write your opinion below about this grill. Thank you.